​​​​​​Each piece of my jewelry is handmade in my studio in Lincoln, NE where my creativity flows surrounded by metals, stones and LOTS of tools. I'm inspired by the architectural elements of structures and nature and that is reflected in my designs. I work primarily in silver, aluminum and stainless steel combined with hand selected stones and pearls creating small works of art to wear. 

As an artist and designer, I manipulate, form, solder, drill and texture the metal, then unite it with one-of-a-kind exotic and traditional stones, gems and pearls. It's an ongoing creative discovery.

I found my passion for metal during a silversmithing class and was further inspired with a lapidary class, learning stone cutting and polishing techniques.  From there, it became an adventure with an infinite myriad of possibilities with metals, slabs of stone and individual pearls. Sourcing unique and one-of-a-kind stones for my customers is especially fun.

From simple to eclectic, classic to contemporary, wearing beautiful objects is a simple way to bring art into your life.